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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Matariki Star star star star star star star

Y am I going to Grey Lynn primary?  To relive my early youth... I did dream once that I was back at high school,(quite scary... ) as an older student, ie: 35 years old resitting bursary..  ever had that dream? 
  No I'm going to record morning assembly singing my new song Star star star star star.  Which also happens to be the name of the book I'm doing these prints for.  

  My young neighbours who happen to be stars have already done an amazing rendition of the song for me out on our street, which is a street in Grey Lynn that means star. Happily luckily.   Then guess what I suppose I should post it up here really so everyone can see it aye? 

  You can sing along...  it goes:

     Seven little stars
Star star star star star star star

High up in the sky
Each one like a little eye

I wonder what they see
Looking down on you and me

eight nine ten eleven,   
1  ,  2  ,  3  ,  4 ,   5 ,   6  ,  7   !!

  Excellent.  The kids were great.
 Thanks to all the great singers in Lucy and Nina and Oliver's classes, and especially thanks to Nina, Oliver, and Lucy!!  and their teachers and Liesel, their music teacher, and John who helped me and thanks to the Academy, and I'd like to thank my mum.  Now a little editing practice, and whoppa! We'll have our own Matariki music video.

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